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Great team

With such a team, it pays to wake up early on week days
João Sacadura

João Sacadura

Executive Producer / Creative Director

Back on the 80’s he started shooting, developing, and filing her parents’ bathroom with developer.

He studied image and audiovisual communication in António Arroio, from where he left to do several works, some more cinephiles, others that only served to pay a lot of drinks and a couple of bills. Later, he founded TRIX with Maria João Bastos and Manel Sacadura.

Want to know more? Call or drop him a line by email!

  • Simpathy 98%
  • Creativity 92%
  • Memory for names 4%
Maria João Bastos

Maria João Bastos

Line producer / Finantial Director

Maria João founded the Free Atelier at António Arroio School, learned paint in Fine Arts University, planted coffee, taught and learned in Africa, illustrated for magazines and newspapers, designed spaces, choseed colors, designeded objects, and built a house, imagined many more than one.

The will to be organized led to the production, which very well directs. And to the accounts, because she’s great with figures! But she will always imagine spaces, shapes, colors, to film or to live. An architect was lost, but a producer was found.

  • Accounts and Organization 91%
  • Art Direction 97%
  • Football discussion 8%
Rita Amado

Rita Amado


Rita is cool and believes that her fantastic production call sheets are read by the entire team. And so she goes to the producers’ heaven.

He likes to learn something in all productions, but he swears that there are words that are invented by the post-producers, and he does not give up until she animates a movie in excel.

And she believes that smiles are the best tool to get the best of each person. And you know something? She’s right.

  • Organization and team motivation 98%
  • Humor 98%
  • Flight serenity 7%
Jaime Vasconcelos

Jaime Vasconcelos


Jaime didn’t started by cooking budgets: he cooked ingredients. After a tasty gastronomic career, which led him to sweeten mouths in luxury resorts in the Aegean and to cause groans of pleasure in Berlin restaurants, he decided to leave the pots, go back to the origins and resume the family tradition of three generations linked to films and audiovisual.

Make contacts as easily as he can give a recipe, and play ping pong as if he was manipulating a frying pan.

  • Creativity 98%
  • Ballet 17%
  • Balls manipulation (I mean ping pong balls, you nasty minds…) 96%
Francisco Neffe

Francisco Neffe


Francisco is the best educated director among all the blue eyed directors born in Cascais between July and August 1989. He has a clever sense of humor (otherwise will work in some other place) Moderate workaholic and mild obsessive with perfection and good taste, it’s a pleasure to work with.

  • Polivalence 93%
  • Creativity 96%
  • Cartoon voice habilities 35%
Carlos Lascano

Carlos Lascano


Carlos is a multi-faceted artist who has succeeded in various forms of artistic creation. Writer, director, animator, illustrator, painter and photographer, telling his stories led him to dedicate himself to the production of films, since it allowed him to join all the different forms of expression.

  • Polivalence 93%
  • Drawing 99%
  • Portuguese accent 18%
Rui Miranda

Rui Miranda

Master of The Frames

Rui is our secret weapon: he grabs any shot and flips it backwards. Then turn it right again.

He use time with the same mastery with which he use the mouse: in the right places.

His favorite sports are tennis, playing bass and letting producers on the verge of a fit of nerves with their cool look when deadlines tighten. Rui likes a job well done. And always deliver – ALWAYS – an excellent job on time.

  • Post production 99%
  • Grading 92%
  • Dish washing 11%
Diogo Simões

Diogo Simões

Post producer / animator

Diogo is our youngest, but it does not make fewer clicks because of this. He is discreet, makes miracles with little and does wonders with much. Never says no to a last minute change and suggest solutions smiling. He eats almost nothing, and the time he saves eating spends playing with the computer’s mouse. It has one of those intelligent sense of humor that makes us think for a second between the end of the sentence and the laughter. But one thing is certain: come out a epic laugh!

  • Vector manipulation 96%
  • Keyframes and stuff 98%
  • Showcooking 4%
Emília Ramos

Emília Ramos


Emilia is like the faeries of fairy tales: when we are all sleeping, Emília appears and arranges everything we have left scattered. She’s the person who guarantees that our office is not only a nice and pleasant place, but also clean and tidy.

Thank you Emilia.

  • Dust Cloth Manipulation 94%
  • Rational Stowage 94%
  • Hindú and Mandarim speaking 2%