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When I first heard the song, I felt immediately identified with the lyrics: it is about a guy that spends all his time in front of the computer screen and never finds the time to do anything else…

Well, I do travel quite a bit, but except for that, that guy could very easily be me!

So, the idea for the video clip came easily on my mind: I would tie the guy to his computer, while the guy he’d like to be is out there, doing everything he’d like to do, and taking care of the girl he has no time to take care of.

Both the singer and the producer agreed with the idea, so that’s where I started from.

The narrative used on a video clip is completely different from the narrative used on a short film. Here, you cannot always tell a story based on the rhythm of the story itself, but based on the rhythm of the music. Even if you need at least one point in common between the song and the story, you can pretty much ignore what the lyrics say. But you cannot ignore rhythm.

Rhythm is the first thing to take under consideration when writing a story for a video clip. It is the what first sticks to your brain when you first hear a song, and the most effective way to attach an image to a song is by respecting the basic rhythm of it.

Ficha Técnica

Gabi – “J’ai pas le temps”
Director: Carlos Lascano
Production: Cube Creative / Dreamlife Studio