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Trix was born 20 years ago. We started by being mainly an animation production company, after which we evolved to live action shooting. In the menu above you can know more about us: our portfolio, directors, team, contacts …

We are a company that has in its DNA very bold values: rigorous, creative, committed. And friendly.


We like to communicate. This phrase has several connotations – we like to create communication for our customers and, modesty aside, we know how to do it well. And we like to communicate with our customers as well. Because we know that a project is made up of several parts, the mutual aid, information and creative moments must be shared. It means: we like to communicate, to communicate better.


We are rigorous because we know that this is the best way to manage a project. We are strict with third parties and with ourselves. We believe that rigor helps a job unfold without hesitation, anr rigorous communication is fluid and constructive. This doesn’t mean that we are not flexible or that we do not adapt ourselves to a change of realities.


By nature, we are creative. Because there are things that come naturally to us, almost inadvertently, and we are not afraid of saying ‘and what if …?’

And because we are not afraid to work – to tell the truth, we love to work – and we know that creativity is done with effort, research, experimentation and a good deal of risk, but very controlled. Because we like to rethink what we do, and we know that sometimes it’s best to start it over again.


We are committed. As we mentioned above, we like what we do and like to do it well, even if it means more than we had foreseen. We focus on solutions and like to surprise by the positive. Only the best possible result leaves us satisfied. We like to be proud of the result of our effort.


And we’re nice. Because we are so, and because we value teamwork as well as a good work environment. We like to laugh and to help each other. Because we know that a smile leads people to give their best. And because we truly believe that this is one of the meanings of life: smiling is the first step to feel happy.



And, as we all know, happy people do better projects.